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Press Release

Palestinian factions in Gaza call to end latest UNRWA-US deal



Date : 8 Oct 2021


Press Release

Palestinian factions in Gaza call to end latest UNRWA-US deal

Gaza City – Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip called for the scrapping of an agreement between the US and the United Nation’s agency for Palestinian refugees, saying the deal violates many of their rights.

Dozens of people protested in front of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees’ (UNRWA) headquarters on Tuesday, calling for an end to The Framework for Cooperation — a two-year working plan signed between the US State Department and UNRWA.

They chanted slogans saying the framework “cancels the rights of return for refugees”.

Protesters also held banners reading: “We totally reject the agreement between the US and UNRWA,” and “The right of return is consistent; we won’t give up.”

The Framework for Cooperation is an agreement signed between the US and UNRWA for 2021-2022 that calls for the resumption of funds to the refugee agency, after it was halted by former US president Donald Trump’s administration.

Under the framework, which was signed in July, the United States paid UNRWA $135m in additional funds.

“No contributions by the US shall be made to UNRWA, except on the condition that UNRWA takes all possible measures to assure that no part of the US contribution shall be used to furnish assistance to any refugee who is receiving military training as a member of the so-called Palestinian Liberation Army or any other guerrilla-type organization or has engaged in act of terrorism,” it said.

The framework also includes “monitoring Palestinian [school] curriculum content”.

The deal sparked a wave of anger and drew criticism from Palestinians who perceive it as a “threat” to Palestinian refugee rights and a “serious change” in UNRWA’s vision.

Security agent

Senior Islamic Jihad member Ahmed al-Mudallal told Al Jazeera: “This agreement is totally rejected by all Palestinian bodies as it does not go in line with the UN agency common work towards Palestinian refugees.

“By this agreement, UNRWA will act as a security agent for the US state through chasing employees and refugees who benefit from its services.”

Salah Abdulatti, a Gaza-based lawyer, said the agreement violated United Nations covenants, the Refugee Convention, as well as the agency’s authority.

“The UN agency has no right to sign a contract at the expense of refugees’ interests and impose restrictions on their freedom of expression under the pretext of neutrality,” said Abdulatti.

The framework was signed without consulting the Palestinian Authority or any other Palestinian body, he added.

Abdulatti referred to the funding to UNRWA as “conditional” and added the move was a form of “flagrant blackmailing”.

“The agreement will transform the agency from a service agency to an intelligence agency whose goal is to provide security information,” Abdulatti said.

Baker Abu Safia, a member of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), said the United States used to donate one-third of the UNRWA budget, and then the amount was reduced to $365m annually, following Trump’s move to slash funding.

“Now, years later, the US will donate $135m for an agreement that sets a dangerous precedent in exchange for UNRWA’s pressure on its staff,” he said.

Abu Safia said US interference in the Palestinian school curriculum under the pretext of “incitement to violence” is totally unacceptable.

“The agency’s mission is to keep the refugees’ cause alive and uphold their rights, not to eliminate them,” he said.

Protests will continue

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Khalaf, coordinator for the Joint Refugee Committee, said the framework stipulates “preventing freedom of expression for its employees on social media platforms, as well as interfering in the Palestinian curriculum”.

“Unlike the agreement with the UN agency, the [school] curriculum should be according to the host country and this is applied over a period of 73 years,” he told Al Jazeera.

According to Khalaf, the agreement also requires UNRWA to provide the US State Department with periodic reports on its work, as well as to respond to all its inquiries.

“Several terms included in the agreement were imposed upon the US vision, such as combating terrorism, anti-Semitism, and women’s rights et cetera,” he said.

Khalaf also said US contributions to UNRWA are voluntary and, therefore, should be unconditional in accordance with the principles of UNRWA’s mandate.

The Joint Refugee Committee called on UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini to retract the deal in an official letter, but it has yet to hear back.

“The signing of the US-UNRWA Framework and additional support demonstrates we once again have an ongoing partner in the United States that understands the need to provide critical assistance to some of the region’s most vulnerable refugees,” Lazzarini said in a statement in July.

Khalaf vowed demonstrations against the deal will continue until it is scrapped.

“We call on the Palestinian Authority and the UNRWA host countries to move to cancel this agreement, and not to accept any conditional funding at the expense of Palestinian refugees’ rights,” said Khalaf.

“Our protests will continue until this unjust agreement is revoked.”

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172 civil and human rights organizations urge the international community




172 civil and human rights organizations urge the international community

Condemning the racist Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian children and demanding their release

The Israelian crimes against Palestinian children are condemned.The Israeli occupation authorities continue their violations against Palestinian children represented in arresting and abusing them during the arrest process without respecting the child’s  protection treaties and the  Convention on the Rights of the Child . These crimes are carried out under displacement, murder and intimidation.       the highest percentage was after April/October (119), and at the end of October there are 160 children distributed in Megiddo Ofer Damon prison of them About (4) children in administrative detention and (12) children under (12) years old are also detained . according to the testimonies provided by the prisoners and the reports issued by the prisoners’ institutions, they are subjected to the cruelty to which adult prisoners are subjected to torture, unfair trials and inhumane treatment that violates their basic rights and threatens their future is lost .        This is against the terms of the Child Agreement،      especially Article 16, which states:

No arbitrary or unlawful interference with a child’s private life, family, home, or correspondence, or any lawful prejudice to his honor or reputation.

Which also states:

“The child has the right to be protected by law from this exposure and prejudice.” The occupation does not take into account the young age of children when they are brought to court, and a special court is not formed for them, and the age of the child is set for less than (16) years based on Military Order No. (132). This is a clear violation of Article No. (1) of the Child Convention, which defines a child as “every human being under the age of eighteen.”

The Israeli occupation authorities deprive the  child prisoners of the most basic rights granted to them by international conventions that they are entitled to  regardless of their religion, nationality. These include the right not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest .it includes:                     – -the right to know the reason for the arrest,         – the right to obtain a lawyer.                        -the family’s right to know the reason for the arrest, and the location of the arrest.         -the right to appear before a judge.          – -the right to object and challenge the accusation.                 – -the right to communicate with the outside world.          -the right to humane treatment that preserves the dignity of the detained child. Child prisoners in Israeli prisons suffer from harsh and inhumane conditions of detention that lack international standards for children’s rights. The prisoners suffer from lack of food and poor quality, lack of hygiene, and the spread of insects         Child prisoners are deprived of health care and appropriate medical treatment, and painkillers are usually the treatment for various types of diseases.  According to the testimonies of child prisoners, the prison administration refuses to transfer patients from them to prison clinics, and if they transfer them, they are subjected to beatings, insults, and harassment, even from doctors and nurses. Likewise, there is no permanent doctor available in the prison clinic.  The occupation is still procrastinating and sometimes refusing to perform surgeries on children who need immediate operations, and this is contrary to international laws that explicitly stipulate the need for medical care for prisoners. Articles (91-92) of the Fourth Geneva Convention stated: “Every prisoner must have a clinic”. An event supervised by a qualified doctor, and that the detainees receive the medical care they need, as well as the installation of any medical devices necessary to maintain their health in good condition, free of charge.  Free medical examinations must be conducted for the detainees at least once a month, and their purpose is to monitor the health and psychological condition, general nutrition, and hygiene, as well as the detection of infectious diseases.  Israeli prisons do not comply with this.

 And if we examine the sentences issued unjustly and aggressively, we find that they are high, as one child was sentenced to life imprisonment, three children were sentenced to 15 years in prison, and four other children were sentenced between 5 and 9 years, and often the verdict is accompanied by financial fines (1000-6000 shekels).

 The Israeli occupation state is the only country in the world that tries children before military courts.

 Based on the foregoing, we, the undersigned organizations, demand:

 First: The international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation state and oblige it to implement international agreements on prisoners and detainees, especially child prisoners, and to work for their release.

 Second: All international human rights organizations, especially those working in the field of children, such as UNICEF & Dcl, to launch an international campaign to shed light on the suffering of child prisoners in Israeli prisons, and to work for their release.

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A humanitarian appeal

 Briefing note on violence against Palestinian female prisoners inside the Israeli occupation prisons




Number: / 2022

Date: November 26, 2022

Original language: Arabic

 Briefing note on violence against Palestinian female prisoners inside the Israeli occupation prisons

The International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd) presents you with its best regards and highly appreciates your positive role in ensuring that human beings enjoy a decent life around the world, as a true harmony with the charters and provisions of human rights. In the context of our follow-up to the conditions of women in the occupied Palestinian territories, and on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we inform you of the dangerous decline, represented by the high rates of violence against Palestinian female prisoners inside the Israeli occupation prisons, as this memory comes today in light of the continued violence practiced against them has escalated, especially as they face harsh conditions as a result of the continuation of the escalating Israeli violations, which flout all the rules and principles agreed upon by the international community to provide special protection for women commensurate with their situation, during armed conflicts and occupation.

According to the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Prisoners – a national body concerned with the rights of Palestinian prisoners and ex-prisoners-, the number of female prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons has reached (30), including 11 mothers and two female prisoners under administrative detention. the Israeli occupation forces are still practicing violence against them, through:

Imposing high sentences on them, as there are (17) female prisoners who received high sentences against them.

The occupation authorities deliberately approach medical negligence against them, as 60 cases of wounded female prisoners were recorded, the most serious of which is the case of the prisoner “Israa Ja’abis” from occupied Jerusalem, who has been sentenced to 11 years. deformities, and an urgent need for several operations surgery, to help her, even in a simple way, to overcome the severity of the pain.

being tortured; During the last two months, the prisoner “Dunia Jaradat”, a resident of Jenin, was subjected to a violent interrogation in the “Petah Tikva” investigation center for 14 days, before she was transferred to Damon Prison. Where they were put on a small chair and were interrogated by more than one person interrogator over long hours, including beatings, verbal abuse, and continuous screaming, while the prisoner “Ataf Jaradat” (50 years old) from Jenin, was arrested after the arrest of her three sons (Ghaith, Omar and Muntasir Jaradat), and she was subjected to harsh interrogation in Al-Jalama detention center. This led to the deterioration of her health condition, as she developed high blood pressure and insufficiency she has a regular heart rate and receives 8 types of medication. She also had symptoms of a stroke twice, and she was taken to the hospital several times.

Depriving female prisoners of many rights related to communication with the family and visiting a lawyer, especially mothers, are also denied contact with their children for long periods, and they are not allowed to visit or make phone calls.

The practice of arbitrary arrests of women in the current year and last year, witnessed the largest rate of arrests among women from Jerusalem governorate, at a rate of 45%.

We look forward to your humanity, and your role concerning the realization of women’s rights,  and their rights to freedom, by taking practical measures that would put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities, to urge them to respect the system of human rights law and international humanitarian law, in the course of dealing with the rights of Palestinian women, including that protecting female prisoners inside Israeli prisons and reducing the rates of violence against them, leading to their release in light of the escalation of arbitrary and illegal arrest campaigns. We hope that you, in your capacity and/or on behalf of your organization, will move quickly now, as tomorrow may be too late.

Accept the utmost respect and appreciation

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The International Commission (Hashd): calls on the international community to translate its solidarity with the Palestinian people into steps in the process of empowering the Palestinian people with their legitimate rights




Reference number: /2022

Date: November 29, 2022

Press release

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

The International Commission (Hashd): calls on the international community to translate its solidarity with the Palestinian people into steps in the process of empowering the Palestinian people with their legitimate rights

The International Commission for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd) extends its greetings to our Palestinian people, the free people of the world, and the advocates of humanity and rights, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which falls on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, when our people, the world and the United Nations salute this day from all general, as a day international solidarity with the Palestinian people, following the resolution issued by the General Assembly of the United Nations in the year 1977, considering the anniversary of Partition Resolution No. (181) issued by it on 11/29/1947 as a day to draw the world’s attention to the cause of the Palestinian people and their suffering as a result of the continued occupation, and to affirm their inalienable rights. disposable according to decisions from successive Internationals on Independence, Sovereignty, and Refugee Return.

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is a renewed occasion to recall the suffering of the Palestinians in terms of injustice, arbitrariness, and persecution resulting from the failure of the international community, foremost of which is the United Nations to assume their responsibility towards the Palestinian people represented by their affirmation of the justice of the Palestinian cause and the right of the Palestinian people self-determination, the establishment of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine, the right of return of refugees to their homes and lands from which they were expelled on 1948 AD, and their compensation, following Resolution 194 of the United Nations General Assembly.

Solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people is solidarity with the rights, values, principles, and texts of international laws, covenants, and solidarity with justice under which the Palestinian people aspire to live, after obtaining their rights approved by the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, recognized by the countries of the world except for the Israeli military occupation forces and those who supported them. On the oppression of the Palestinian people to provide them with the means of strength and protection to maintain their occupation of our land.

The prolonged suffering of the Palestinian people continues as a result of the continuation of the long-term military and military occupation of the Palestinian lands. Millions of Palestinians have been forcibly displaced from their homes, and the Israeli occupation forces are still violating the civil, political, economic, and social rights of the Palestinian people in all parts of their existence. continue to neglect the rights of the Palestinian people, continues to impose an illegal blockade on Gaza Strip, persist in the policy of colonial settlement and Judaizing the city of Jerusalem, and killing  Palestinian civilians, which, since the beginning of the year, has resulted in the death of 202 Palestinians; It also continues the policy of captivity and arbitrary detention, especially against children and women , the israelian forces racist decisions are against all legislation and against all international norms decisions of international legitimacy, and signed agreements.

This anniversary of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People comes in light of the rise of the Israeli racist fascist and denial of all the rights of the Palestinian people, as well as the effects of the continued double standards and selective enforcement of international law by the international community that allowed the occupation leaders to escape accountability and punishment.

The International Commission for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd), considering that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People constitutes a renewed opportunity to stand on the suffering of the Palestinians and draw the world’s attention to the continuing and exacerbating tragedy as a result of their continued deprivation of their basic rights, and it is an occasion to strengthen efforts to restore Palestinian rightsForemost among them is the right to self-determination and the right to independence and national sovereignty, and in the forefront is the right of return of the refugees to their homes and lands from which they were expelled in 1948 AD, and considering that the successive Israeli measures against human rights activists and those in solidarity with the rights of the Palestinian people are tantamount to a denial of international law and its established principles; announces that it has implemented and is still carrying out a wide campaign to remind the peoples of the world of the suffering of our Palestinian people; They record and claim the following:

The International Commission (Hashd): urges all those interested in justice and humanity ,defenders of human rights ,freedom in all parts of the world, and invites them to organize various solidarity activities to ensure that this day is transformed into a global day of action and solidarity action in all its forms, to demand that the governments of the free world compel Israel to end its oppression of the Palestinian peole.

The International Commission (Hashd): affirms that the international community is required more than ever before to assume its legal ,moral responsibilities individually ,collectively ,to take practical measures and measures that lead to respect and guarantee respect for the principles provisions of law, judiciary, custom, and international action to end the occupation.

The realization of legitimate and inalienable rights to act for the Palestinian people, to ensure that the international community moves from calling for the justice of the Palestinian cause and expressing solidarity, to put an end to occupation and its practices, by adopting a binding international decision that ends the occupation and provides international protection for the Palestinian people.

The International Commission (Hashd): affirms that the international community and the United Nations bear the historical responsibility towards the Palestinian issue that is still unresolved and calls on them to work hard to unite efforts by taking the initiative to end the occupation ,the suffering,the consequences of that mistake must be corrected and rights restored to their owners.

The International Commission (Hashd): urges the need for concerted efforts by friendly countries and international institutions to implement their decisions related to the rights of the Palestinian people, to confront the American bias towards Israeli occupation state, and to stop the permanent politicization of the rights of our Palestinian people.

The International Commission (Hashd): calls on the Arab and Islamic countries to stop normalization with the Israeli entity, including respect for the decisions of the League of Arab States.

The international body (mobilization) calls for adopting a national strategy based on restoring unity and holding comprehensive elections, internationalizing the conflict with the occupying state, in a way that can strengthen the steadfastness of citizens, and employing all the tools of international law to hold accountable and boycott the Israeli occupying state.

The International Commission for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People (Hashd)

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