73 years since the Nakba of Palestine.. In light of the suspicious state of international inability and silence; the Israeli military occupation continues to deny the rights of the Palestinian people and the principles of international law

Ref: 62/2021

Date: 14 May 2021

Timing: 22:00 local time

Original Lang.: Arabic

Press release,

73 years since the Nakba of Palestine

In light of the suspicious state of international inability and silence; the Israeli military occupation continues to deny the rights of the Palestinian people and the principles of international law

The day after tomorrow, Saturday (May 15) coincides with the 37th anniversary of the Nakba of Palestine, represented in the forced displacement that the Palestinian people were subjected to in 1948 at the hands of Israeli gangs. This occasion comes while the Israeli occupation state continues to refuse to submit to international legal and moral policies and treats itself as a state above international law.

The Israeli occupation denial of all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, especially the right of return that stipulated in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 194 of December 1948, and its denial of the right of the Palestinian people to political and economic self-determination, wouldn’t have continued if it wasn’t for the conspiracy of silence towards the rights of the Palestinian people by the international community and its various organizations.

The memory of the Nakba this year coincides with the massive Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip for the fifth day in a row, this war that has resulted -up to the moment- 126 martyrs, including 31 children and 20 women, and extensive damage due to the deliberate targeting of citizens’ homes and properties, and the deliberate bombing of civilian facilities and destroying houses over the heads of their residents, which led to the extermination of entire families.

It also coincides with the intention of the Israeli occupation forces to suppress the peaceful demonstrators in the cities and villages of the West Bank through the unlawful use of armed force that led since today noon to the martyrdom of 10 Palestinian civilians. The Israeli crimes did not stop at this point, but affected Palestinian protesters in the occupied interior with the same criminal policies, in addition to the continued storming and desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque’s courtyards, and attempts to Judaize the Holy City through projects of forcible displacement of Palestinians from the neighborhoods of the Holy City.

The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights “ICSPR” reminds the international community of the tragedy and suffering that the Palestinian people have experienced since 1948, where they live in a state of asylum, dispersion and permanent violation of human rights, and it affirms the right of the Palestinian people to return to their homes and restore their original properties as a historical sacred right that is based on the principles of absolute truth and justice before it is based on the principles of international law. And once again, ICSPR salutes the demonstrators in all countries of the world, who support the struggle and rights of the Palestinian people and reject the crimes and terrorism of the occupation state. Therefore: –

• ICSPR confirms that the right of return and compensation is an inalienable right, which fundamentally inconsistent with all suspicious calls for resettlement, displacement, integration, dissolution or compensation as a substitute for the right of return.

• ICSPR calls on the international community to intervene immediately and urgently to force the Israeli occupation to stop its crimes against Palestinian civilians and their properties in the Gaza Strip, and to work to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for the war crimes it commits in front of the international community and its organizations.

• ICSPR calls on the international community, the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions and international and regional organizations not to sacrifice the principles of international law, and to deal with the Palestinian cause as a rights cause recognized by the international legitimacy. Therefore, the international community needs to abandon the conspiracy of silence, and work to implement United Nations resolutions related to the Palestinian cause, and to ensure respect for the rules of international humanitarian law.

• ICSPR stresses the importance of providing international protection for Palestinian refugees, by working on obtaining a UN resolution granting UNRWA the authority to protect refugees in addition to its traditional tasks, or extend the protection of the UN Commissioner for Refugees, in a way that guarantees the benefit of Palestinian refugees wherever they are from International protection provided by the International Convention for the Protection of Refugees.

• ICSPR calls on the Palestinian leadership to rise up to the level of national responsibility, resile from the Oslo Accords, build on international law approaches, internationalize the conflict, rebuild and activate all institutions of the political system, and activate the accountability and boycott mechanisms of the occupation state, demand international protection, and accelerate the restoration of unity until the electoral process is activated, which was suspended without real justification according to a presidential decree.

• ICSPR urges the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to activate the role of Palestinian embassies around the world, in a way that strengthens its diplomatic moves to triumph for the rights of the Palestinian people, provided that this be within the framework of a clear national strategy based on the internationalization of the conflict.

• ICSPR calls on all the free people of the world to continue the popular solidarity movements and to exert pressure on governments to carry out their moral and legal duties to protect civilians, reject and condemn the crimes of the Israeli occupation and support the struggle and resistance of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights to return and self-determination and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.