The Israeli occupation evacuated and demolishing the village of “Hamsa Al-Fawqa” over the heads of its residents.

 Date : 4 Feb 2021 



Press release

The Israeli occupation evacuated and demolishing the village of “Hamsa Al-Fawqa” over the heads of its residents.


The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) follows with great concern the recent horrific developments in the village of “Hamsa Al-Fawqa”, where the occupation authorities demolishing and displacing the village of “Hamsa al-Fawqa” in the Palestinian valleys without any justification, and in a blatant and arbitrary apartheid crime, to uproot Palestinians from their land in favor of illegal settlement activities.

According to the available data, dozens of military vehicles belonging to the military occupation authorities stormed ” Hamsa al-Fawqa” and started demolishing residential tents and livestock pens, under the pretext that it is a closed military zone. The demolition of the aforementioned location comes only two days after the evacuation and displacement of about (11) Palestinian families, in preparation for the occupation authorities’ control of the lands. Thus, “Hamsa al-Fawqa” becomes the first village to be completely displaced since the occupation of the Palestinian Valleys after the 1967 war.

It should also be noted that the aforementioned location has been evacuated about (11) times, to conduct military training during the past few years, and since then the people have been subjected to confiscating their agricultural tractors and pursuing livestock farmers, moreover, the occupation plants obstacles in transporting water in tanks to their homes. In 2017, the families of “Hamsa al-Fawqa” received the first notices to stop construction and demolish their existing homes, and several homes were actually demolished, up to November 2020, where the occupation authorities completely demolished the village, but its residents refused to leave their lands.

ICSPR has addressed concerned International bodies regarding these violations and demanded urgent interventions, to pressure the Israeli authorities, and to oblige them to respect their international obligations, by stopping the annexation, settlement, displacement, and apartheid plans against the Palestinians, including holding the perpetrators of these serious violations accountable and compensating all those who have been harmed.