A call to pressure to stop the Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

Date: October 14, 2020


 A call to pressure to stop the Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.


 The International Commission to Support Palestinians; Rights (ICSPR)  looks forward to your positive role in pressuring to oblige the Israeli occupation authorities to stop confiscating lands and property of Palestinians in the West Bank and the occupied city of Jerusalem, in a blatant, arbitrary and unlawful manner, in a step that constitutes a crime of Judaization, confiscation and a truly new apartheid.

According to recent data, the occupation authorities have recently escalated the pace of confiscation of Palestinian lands and properties in various areas of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. On October 14, 2020, the occupation government approved the construction of about (2166) new settlement units in separate areas. From the occupied West Bank. The data also indicates that the “Supreme Council for Planning and Building of the Israeli Civil Administration” intends to approve the construction of thousands of other units, including the construction of (5) thousand units at its session that will be held during the coming period, according to the Israeli media.

The patterns of violations above constitute international crimes for their stable violation of the provisions of international human rights and international humanitarian laws, which emphasized the impermissibility of settlement, confiscation and targeting civilian property and the impermissibility of forced displacement, and also entails a fundamental violation of the 1993 Oslo Agreement signed between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, in addition to its violation For international legitimacy decisions related to the occupied city.

Finally: We consider your urgent interventions as a lever in order to ensure that members of the international community fulfill their obligations towards their citizens, and at the same time we ask you to make more efforts, by taking practical measures to pressure the Israeli authorities, in order to respect their international obligations, regarding respecting the rights of Palestinians, from While obliging it to stop annexation and settlement plans and confiscate the lands of citizens inside the occupied territories, including holding accountable the perpetrators of these serious and catastrophic abuses.