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ICSPR: All parties have a responsibility to address the causes of youth migration from the Gaza Strip

Date: 15 Sep 2019
Ref:   67 /2019


Press release,

ICSPR: All parties have a responsibility to address the causes of youth migration from the Gaza Strip


The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights “ICSPR” follows with great concern and sadness the continuing drowning of young migrants from the Gaza Strip on the shores of Greece, Turkey, Libya, Serbia and other countries, which recently resulted in the death of a number of young migrants in search of a decent life opportunity, including “Tamer al-Sultan”, “Saleh Hamad” and “Fadl Kashko”, while the fate of others is still unknown in harsh conditions.

The Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip for the 13th consecutive year, as well as the collective punitive measures imposed by the Palestinian Authority against the residents of the Gaza Strip since 2017, along with the continuation of the national reconciliation process, its disastrous repercussions and the loss of hope for a better tomorrow, are factors that have contributed to the dominance of the idea of individual salvation among young people, and encouraged young people to migrate and risk for their lives.

The International Commission stresses that the procedures and policies adopted by the receiving countries, push young people to risk their lives through illegal migration, which causes repeated drowning and death incidents, contrary to their obligations under the provisions of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. Therefore, ICSPR demands the following:

  1. ICSPR renews its call to all Palestinian parties to urge them to work hard to end the division, as one of the main reasons for the emigration of Palestinian youth abroad, including its call for the restoration of unity on the basis of partnership.
  2. ICSPR calls on the PNA, the Palestinian government and the official authorities in the Gaza Strip to take care of youth and their issues, and to develop programs that tackle the problems of unemployment, poverty and frustration, as one of the possible solutions to reduce the phenomenon of migration.
  3. ICSPR calls on the international community in all its components to work hard and immediately to break the brutal Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip, and to respond quickly to the urgent humanitarian needs, so as to reduce the incidence of migration of young people.
  4. ICSPR urges civil society organizations and the components of the Palestinian national action to work hard to raise awareness about the dangers of illegal immigration as well as the harm it causes to the Palestinian cause.

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