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The International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (ICSPR) dedicated this website to provide information regard the Palestinian people human rights situation, and other information about its various activities, including its various publications  the International Commission expresses its deep pleasure of you checking and browsing its website  and consider it as a step to support the victims human rights violations  and if we may, we would like to advise you to print copies of your personal non-commercial use of information and store the files on your computer. However, we would like to provide you with advice on some limitations and legal restrictions imposed on all browsers and followers of this website  which are:

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  2. The contents of this website  including (To name a few) images videos publications advertisements downloads and links  except whats referred to be the property of a third party or joint property  belong to the International Commission to Support Palestinians Rights (ICSPR)  and are protected by copyright, which it has invested with its partners the money time and effort to develop them.
  3. The International Commission assumes no responsibility for the comments made by followers, however it has the full right to delete any comment that departs from the law, values and principles of the Commissions work.
  4. The International Commission reserves all copyrights, patents and other intellectual property rights published on this website.
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