What is ICSPR

 ICSPR is a non-profit civil society organization founded by a group of intellectuals who are active in the field of human rights and democracy in 2015 according to the Palestinian NGO Law No. 01/2000.

ICSPR was established in response to urgent need to defend the human and Palestinian rights, it is considered academic institution teaches human rights and how to respect these rights as a basic regulator for achieving the desired democracy.

In addition to that, ICSPR is interested in institutionalizing international solidarity with Palestine, as well as implementing democracy and human rights,  it is also interested in the strategic issues in which the Arab and international citizens are interested, and in the legal and democratic studies, which assist in drawing policies and decisions. ICSPR is an urgent need in light of the scarcity of institutions that work to provide and mobilize international and Arab solidarity with the Palestinian cause and human rights in general.