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Supporting Palestinian People Rights Association

Vision: Protecting human rights in Palestine and strengthen the international solidarity movement to support the rights of the Palestinian people.

Mission: Supporting Palestinian People Rights Association is an independent non-profit organization that aims to be one of the enabling strategies for the protection and support of human rights in Palestine using the tactics and strategies of advocacy and networking, and building opportunities bank and training academy for Palestinian youth to develop their professional abilities and adopt their initiatives.



The Association’s Strategic Objectives:

  1. Contribute to building, activating and expanding the base of human rights participation in cooperation with human rights institutions, civil society organizations and international institutions concerned with human rights
  2. Contribute to launching and organizing lobbying and advocacy campaigns.
  3. Contribute to supporting developmental, social, economic and cultural initiatives.
  4. Contribute to the protection and dissemination of human rights culture and activate the use of all mechanisms aimed at the protection of human
  5. Establishing a professional academy to build the capacity of youth cadres in the professional, technical, administrative and leadership fields and in the field of human rights and sustainable





Programs and mechanisms of the Association:

The Association will achieve its objectives through a set of programs and departments:

1.     Legal and human rights programs:

The program includes two departments, one specialized in monitoring Israeli violations, and the other specialized in internal human rights situations, both departments will work on the following:

  • Issue position statements, appeals, hold press conferences and communicate with the
  • Issue special legal and annual reports, press appeals, fact-finding reports.
  • Prepare notes, reports, appeals and follow-up letters with international human rights
  • Communicate with local, international and regional human rights organizations.
  • Coordinate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the International Labor Organization, relevant United Nations committees and regional, local and international human rights
  • Coordinate all human rights efforts with ambassadors, consuls and international organizations to play their role in the protection of human



2.     Researches and Policies Program

The Department seeks to play an effective role in stimulating thinking and serious research to develop objective and democratic options and alternatives that contribute to the support of rights, especially the rights of the Palestinian people, through the production and dissemination of researches and policies analysis papers of quality in the human rights and political field, and activate the role of the researches and Policies forum, and the production of policies, visions and mechanisms to serve in rebuilding the political system on the basis of partnership, unity, democracy and respect for human rights by means of dialogue between the relevant parties in the homeland and the Diaspora. Providing and

developing training programs for young researchers and political cadres to contribute to the development of research production and policies.




3.     Vocational Training Academy for Youth:

The Academy will develop and build the capacities of young people in the professional, technical, administrative, leadership and human rights fields, through dialogue, discussion, teamwork and participation of all in the learning and training process, the Academy will provide training programs and activities as follows:

  • Designing, crystallization and preparation of long and short training according to the needs of Arab civil society and its bodies and different
  • Designing and preparing training methods that are appropriate to the topics and respect the principles of good governance and development.
  • Organizing activities, conferences and forums to exchange Arab experiences.
  • Preparing, designing and actual implementation of training, awareness and education
  • Preparing training and education materials and necessary


4.     Bank of Opportunities and Development Initiatives

The Bank aims to support the most marginalized and needy groups and enable them to acquire the skills of building and managing small development projects, as well as adopting and financing initiatives that achieve a human rights and developmental response that responds to the needs of people and respects their rights, through building a bridge and networks at the national, Arab and international levels to ensure serving the target groups, and the development of initiatives that ensure the investment of the potential of our people, especially the youth category.

Association Structure:

Association Board of Directors (9 members) which are responsible for overseeing the work of the association.


Headquarters: Palestine – Gaz- Tel Al-Haw – near old Roots Restaurant, Abu Karsh Building First Floor.

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