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172 civil and human rights organizations urge the international community

172 civil and human rights organizations urge the international community

Condemning the racist Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian children and demanding their release

The Israelian crimes against Palestinian children are condemned.The Israeli occupation authorities continue their violations against Palestinian children represented in arresting and abusing them during the arrest process without respecting the child’s  protection treaties and the  Convention on the Rights of the Child . These crimes are carried out under displacement, murder and intimidation.       the highest percentage was after April/October (119), and at the end of October there are 160 children distributed in Megiddo Ofer Damon prison of them About (4) children in administrative detention and (12) children under (12) years old are also detained . according to the testimonies provided by the prisoners and the reports issued by the prisoners’ institutions, they are subjected to the cruelty to which adult prisoners are subjected to torture, unfair trials and inhumane treatment that violates their basic rights and threatens their future is lost .        This is against the terms of the Child Agreement،      especially Article 16, which states:

No arbitrary or unlawful interference with a child’s private life, family, home, or correspondence, or any lawful prejudice to his honor or reputation.

Which also states:

“The child has the right to be protected by law from this exposure and prejudice.” The occupation does not take into account the young age of children when they are brought to court, and a special court is not formed for them, and the age of the child is set for less than (16) years based on Military Order No. (132). This is a clear violation of Article No. (1) of the Child Convention, which defines a child as “every human being under the age of eighteen.”

The Israeli occupation authorities deprive the  child prisoners of the most basic rights granted to them by international conventions that they are entitled to  regardless of their religion, nationality. These include the right not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest .it includes:                     – -the right to know the reason for the arrest,         – the right to obtain a lawyer.                        -the family’s right to know the reason for the arrest, and the location of the arrest.         -the right to appear before a judge.          – -the right to object and challenge the accusation.                 – -the right to communicate with the outside world.          -the right to humane treatment that preserves the dignity of the detained child. Child prisoners in Israeli prisons suffer from harsh and inhumane conditions of detention that lack international standards for children’s rights. The prisoners suffer from lack of food and poor quality, lack of hygiene, and the spread of insects         Child prisoners are deprived of health care and appropriate medical treatment, and painkillers are usually the treatment for various types of diseases.  According to the testimonies of child prisoners, the prison administration refuses to transfer patients from them to prison clinics, and if they transfer them, they are subjected to beatings, insults, and harassment, even from doctors and nurses. Likewise, there is no permanent doctor available in the prison clinic.  The occupation is still procrastinating and sometimes refusing to perform surgeries on children who need immediate operations, and this is contrary to international laws that explicitly stipulate the need for medical care for prisoners. Articles (91-92) of the Fourth Geneva Convention stated: “Every prisoner must have a clinic”. An event supervised by a qualified doctor, and that the detainees receive the medical care they need, as well as the installation of any medical devices necessary to maintain their health in good condition, free of charge.  Free medical examinations must be conducted for the detainees at least once a month, and their purpose is to monitor the health and psychological condition, general nutrition, and hygiene, as well as the detection of infectious diseases.  Israeli prisons do not comply with this.

 And if we examine the sentences issued unjustly and aggressively, we find that they are high, as one child was sentenced to life imprisonment, three children were sentenced to 15 years in prison, and four other children were sentenced between 5 and 9 years, and often the verdict is accompanied by financial fines (1000-6000 shekels).

 The Israeli occupation state is the only country in the world that tries children before military courts.

 Based on the foregoing, we, the undersigned organizations, demand:

 First: The international community to put pressure on the Israeli occupation state and oblige it to implement international agreements on prisoners and detainees, especially child prisoners, and to work for their release.

 Second: All international human rights organizations, especially those working in the field of children, such as UNICEF & Dcl, to launch an international campaign to shed light on the suffering of child prisoners in Israeli prisons, and to work for their release.

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