An urgent appeal ..  Stop the Israeli crimes committed against civilians and their properties in the Gaza Strip

Date: 12 May 2021
Original Lang.: Arabic

Ladies and Gentlemen:

  • Secretary-General of the United Nations;
  • President and members of the Human Rights Council;
  • The United Nations envoy to the Middle East;
  • President of the European Parliament;
  • President of the International Parliament;
  • UN Special Rapporteurs and Concerned Teams;
  • Representatives of intergovernmental organizations; Representatives of United Nations agencies;
  • Representatives of international non-governmental organizations;
  • Free people around the world,


 An urgent appeal ..
 Stop the Israeli crimes committed against civilians and their properties in the Gaza Strip

The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights “ICSPR” sends you this urgent appeal to urge you, in accordance with your legal mandate, to take immediate action to force the Israeli occupation forces to stop their military escalation and their wide war operations in the Gaza Strip.

Whereas, since Monday evening, “May 10”, the Israeli occupation forces escalated their crimes, which resulted -until 15:00 this evening-, in the death of 53 civilians, including 14 children and 3 women, and 320 injuries. In addition to targeting and destroying the 13-floors Hanadi tower (residential tower) on the western side of Gaza City. Targeting the Jawhara Tower in the center of Gaza City, in addition to destroying dozens of residential houses, and deliberately destroying police headquarters in various parts of the Gaza Strip. These violations come in light of an Israeli decision to close all crossings, which significantly contributes to widening and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, considering the possible impacts of the decision on the work of vital installations in the Gaza Strip.

ICSPR warns that the price of the current Israeli military attacks will be paid for by Palestinian civilians in light of the continued silence of the international community, and it calls on you to work to undermine Israeli plans aimed at continuing the bloodshed of defenseless and innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip, and stop the implementation of the law of the jungle at the expense of the rule of law, and work to dissuade Israel and its warfare forces from continuing the policy of killing civilians and targeting their civilian properties. ICSPR also urges you to support the rights of the Palestinian people, on top of which are their rights to resist the occupier and self-determination, in accordance with what is established in the core of international law and action.

Best regards,

Lawyer Salah Atti
Chairman of ICSPR