ICSPR: Completing the election process is a constitutional and national necessity


Ref: 50/2021

Date: 26 April 2021

Original Lang: Arabic

Press release,

ICSPR: Completing the election process is a constitutional and national necessity

The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) follows with great concern the escalating media leaks regarding the possibility of issuing a presidential decree to cancel the third legislative election, which is scheduled to take place next month, reasoning that to the continued Israeli refusal to hold it in Jerusalem.

The issuance of any decree that involves stopping, delaying, canceling or postponing the electoral process at this time, is considered an unjustified surrender to Israeli arrogance. The Jerusalem youth heroic challenge of Israeli policies during the past few days must be met with more political pressure, to force the holding of elections in Jerusalem, especially since international law considers Israel as a belligerent occupation power that does not have the right to obstruct or prevent the holding of general Palestinian elections in East Jerusalem or in any area of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, as it is obligated by the signed agreements, international covenants, international humanitarian law and human rights and the advisory opinion of the Hague Court on the wall of 2004, to respect the right of Jerusalemites to participate in elections as an expression of the right to self-determination.

ICSPR considers that completing the electoral process is a constitutional and national necessity, and must be at the forefront of the priorities of the Palestinian leadership. In this regard, ICSPR expresses its appreciation of the efforts of the Central Elections Committee in preparing for the elections and it also expresses its absolute rejection of the idea of postponing or canceling legislative elections. Therefore:

• ICSPR affirms that the international community and its various organizations must carry out their duty and responsibility by exerting pressure on the Israeli occupation to enable the Palestinian people to exercise all their legitimate rights, including the right to freely and democratically elect and choose their representatives.

• ICSPR affirms the right of the people of Jerusalem to exercise their right to choose their candidates in the Palestinian legislative elections.

• ICSPR urges the Palestinian Presidency not to issue any decision to suspend the electoral process, and to strive hard to impose its procedures in Jerusalem, and not to submit to the arrogance of the Israeli occupation.

• ICSPR calls on the electoral lists and the Palestinian factions to exert serious efforts to adhere to the approved and announced dates for holding the elections.