A bloody night in Gaza Strip, the martyrdom of 7 Palestinian civilians.

The International Commission to Support Palestinians'

Ref: 107/2018
Date: 12 Nov 2018

Press Release

A bloody night in Gaza Strip, the martyrdom of 7 Palestinian civilians.


The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) strongly condemns the Israeli Special Forces commission of field killings against a number of civilians and members of the Palestinian resistance on Sunday evening, 11 November 2018, which was followed by indiscriminate shelling carried out by Israeli warplanes of all types in the eastern area of Khan Yunis.
According to the Ministry of Health, the field killings and subsequent military attacks resulted in the deaths of 7 Palestinian civilians: Nour al-Din Muhammad Salameh Baraka (37 yr), Mohammed Majed Mousa al-Qara (23 yr), Khaled Mohammed Ali Quweider (29 yr), Mustafa Hassan Abu ‘Odeh (21 yr), Mahmoud Atallah Musabeh (25 yr), Alaa Eddin Fawzi Mohammed Feseifis (19 yr) and Omar Naji Muslim Abu Khater (21 yr).
The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights renews its condemnation of successive Israeli crimes, and considers that the insistence of the Israeli Government and its military forces on the approach of murder and the denial of their right to life carries a clear denial and disregard for the human rights and law system, and it affirms that the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention have a legal obligation according to article 1 of the Convention, under which they undertake to respect and ensure the respect of the Convention in all circumstances, as well as their obligations under article 146 of the Convention to prosecute those accused of committing serious violations of the Convention. Therefore ICSPR demands the following:
1. ICSPR confirms that the Israeli occupation forces killing of Palestinian civilians, constitutes a war crime in accordance with the Rome Statute establishing the permanent international criminal court.
2. ICSPR renews its warning to the international community against the continued silence on Israeli crimes committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip.
3. ICSPR demands the Palestinian leadership and diplomacy to activate its role by submitting all cases of physical violations and Israeli war crimes under Article 14 of the Rome Statute, which will ensure that Israeli criminals do not escape punishment.