The International Commission to Support Palestinian  Rights followed with deep concern the Palestinian Cabinet decision which was taken at its weekly session no. 180  that was held on Tuesday28 November 2017  stated the PA employees  to return back to work in their former posts before 14 June 2007.

The resolution also mandated the ministers to return to work through mechanisms that ensure activating the role and work of the Government in the southern provinces as part of the actual empowerment to achieve reconciliation in line with the Cairo agreement. The Board considered that the specialty of the administrative legal Committee is considering employees affairs hired after14 June  2007  and the Committee s work comes to complement government efforts for achieving of the national reconciliation efforts.

ICSPR emphasizes that the Palestinians  especially in Gaza   looking for the Palestinian Government to move forward to address all the problems in internal division  chiefly to find legal and realistic solutions to ensure halting the impact of the presidential and governmental sanctions against Gaza Strip employees  and ensure finding legal solutions to all issues which leading to regain the trust of the Palestinian people in political  constitutional and legal system in order to enable citizens to exercise their rights  public and private freedoms   including their right to choose their representatives through free and fair elections.

ICSPR emphasizing the need for the Government to exercise its functions and responsibilities in the Gaza Strip to ensure the restructuring and consolidation of institutions  and ensure that national  professional and legal policies and plans guarantee redressing the effects of the division  in accordance with a methodology based on compatibility and partnership and implementation of the principles of the rule of law and transitional justice  so ICSPR consider the PA decision to return the employees to work in the Gaza Strip without a technical  administrative and legal arrangements that contradicts with Cairo agreement  and exceeds the administrative and legal Committee tasks which is responsible of this affair  on the basis of partnership not exclusion and cautions  ICSPR warns from the impact of this decision on Palestinian reconciliation:

  1. ICSPR Urges all Palestinian parties to overcome all obstacles that may hinder the national reconciliation  and to give it utmost importance.
  2. ICSPR emphasizes the rights of public official and emphasizes the importance of giving this file the utmost importance which needs a national  technical and legal vision that guarantees reordering and integration of employees in accordance with clear structures and governmental action plans.
  3. ICSPR considers that Government decision to return employees to work without resolving the staff situations in the Gaza Strip hired before June 14 2007  or hired by the Government of Gaza  is an  impulsive  dangerous and unacceptable decision for employees  rights in Gaza Strip and their families  and opens the gates of conflict between employees  that may contribute to thwart national efforts and national reconciliation process in Egypt.
  4. ICSPR demand the Government to retreat the illegal early retirement decisions and review cutting the salaries of Gaza Strip employees  addressing the 2005 employees file  and stop the unjustified discrimination against Gaza Strip employees.
  5. ICSPR Welcomes the Egyptian efforts particularly the efforts of the Egyptian delegation in the absence of clear policies and action plans for the Government  as well as to carry out its duties particularly in the consolidation of institutions and reintegrating employees  therefore ICSPR is demanding the Palestinian Government to retreat immediately that decision and allow the work of the Administrative and legal Committee under law and national consensus.
  6. ICSPR demands the  Palestinian Government to abide by the law and directing its interests quickly to respond to humanitarian crises in Gaza Strip  particularly the crises of electricity  health and education  borders and not to sacrifice human rights for political purposes.
  7. ICSPR urges all Palestinian parties to address the legacy internal violations through development of a national program or system of transitional justice inspired by Arab and international positives experiences.