Gaza Strip-Palestine/ On Tuesday, 17 October 2017, the International Commission to Support the Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) and the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) opened a training workshop about “International Humanitarian Law” and the Rrle of the ICRC in promoting and respecting the international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles with ICSPR’s staff presenting.

The ICSPR Vice-Chairman Wissam Jouda thanked ICRC for its cooperation to implement this workshop, pointing out the important to ICSPR to enhance the team’s skill in monitoring, documenting and protecting the human rights in Palestine. She also thanked the Red Cross team represented by Susanna Duetlign, ICRC the Director of Information and Publication, and the trainer Amani Al Nauq, the Media Officer.

Juda pointed that ICSPR is keen to develop its staff knowledge of the international humanitarian to raise their contribution in exposing the Israeli violations and enhancing the advocacy of human rights issues.

Susanna stressed on the obligation of the ICRC to be promote the international humanitarian law and its application in conflict areas, noting the efforts of ICRC to assist civilians in time of conflict to reduce their suffering. Susanna also affirms that ICRC is keen to engage with local civil society organizations in order to expand the human right understanding and applying the international humanitarian law. She also emphasized that ICRC is keen to cooperate with ICSPR to support the Palestinians’ rights in the context of the human rights and the international humanitarian law.

The workshop included an introduction about the ICRC work and its humanitarian function and role in promoting respect for international humanitarian law, and monitoring, documenting and following violations of the international humanitarian law.

At the end of the workshop, ICSPR’s Chairman, Dr Salah Abdel-Ati, ICSPR’s Programs Director, Samer Mussa, and the Board Member, Nahed Khalaf gave ICRC’s representative a shield of appreciation to thank them for their efforts. Certificates were distributed to the participants in the workshop.