Fact Sheet entitled “The reality of Youth in Palestinian society”

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (I.C.S.P.R) issued on Saturday evening 25/2/2017 fact sheet entitled “The reality of youth in the Palestinian Society.”

Talal Abu Rokbah, Writer and researcher, said that this paper derives its importance from the definition of youth in Palestinian society by laws and legislation, because the National Authority did not enact for Youth Act.

Abu Rokbah added that the youth are the highest rates in Palestine from other age groups ,the age structure of Palestinian population indicates that the community is still youthful, youth rates about (15-29) year 30,0%.

Abu Rokbah indicates through the fact sheet indicators and facts about youth and the most important axes are unemployment, volunteering, and immigration.

As a result Abu Rokbah noted the fallout of reality on youth, it was notably dominant of negative adjustment concepts on youth, in particular as a result of the lack of ability to change and loss of confidence in existing structures, besides the loss of trust in the community, and rebellion against social values and declining nuclear family style in front of the extended family, which leads to high rate of social problems and divorce and disintegration of the community and the high pace of domestic violence, especially among young couples.

Abu Rukba recommended a number of recommendations, most notably:

– Reconsidering of youth issues through a national strategy to be able to meet the needs of youth in all respects.

–  Empowerment of real and developing economic, aiming youth through a national economic plan include Government, private sector and civil society; to face unemployment and consequent serious effects on the reality of youth.

– Restore the real role of universities in the refinement of the national character and fighting all forms of commodification of education.